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Parker sits down and takes a walk down memory lane as he recaps our first 31 episodes. If you’ve missed any of these, use this MMB podcast review to catch up!

Hey, y’all! We have a special episode of our Makers Mean Business (MMB) Podcast today. It’s hard to believe that in such a short time, we’ve delivered 31 episodes of entrepreneurial knowledge and encouragement to you. 

MMB Podcast Ep. 32 - A Makers' Recap

The reason we started this podcast was to add another avenue through which we could provide helpful tips, lessons, and encouragement that you can take from each episode and apply directly to your business. Our mission is to help you grow a successful business so that you, too, can follow your dream and lead a Maker’s life.

Today, we have Episode 32: Let’s RECAP the Makers Mean Business Podcast: A Check-In with Parker Stelly

Y’all, this episode is unlike any other we’ve done so far. As a kind of celebration for reaching #32, Parker is taking an opportunity to go back and recap the previous 31 episodes in case you missed any of them (or are just joining us). 

MMB Podcast Review: A Recap of Episodes 1-31

It’s amazing how times flies when you’re doing something you love. I don’t think we realized before we started this podcast just how much we would enjoy doing it. Now we’re 32 episodes in and it’s time to have a quick podcast recap.

Here are episodes 1-31 and a quick note about each one regarding what we covered in that episode. We’ll link to each episode so that you can click on it and check it out if you want to.

Episode 1: 6 Tips to Battle Impostor Syndrome  

In our debut episode, we talked about 6 ways to battle imposter syndrome and those lies that we tell ourselves but end up holding us back.

Episode 2: Getting Started, Failure, and the BIGGEST Myth about Business that NEEDS to be Busted!

We talked about tips and tricks for starting your business online.

Episode 3: Introduction to Subscription Boxes (Sarah Williams)

This episode was my first episode, and I interviewed Sarah Williams about how to subscription boxes. She knows her stuff if you want to launch (or grow) and subscription box product.

Episode 4: Story of a Maker (Kari Gustafson) 

This is the episode where we really started interviewing makers to show you guys that we aren’t the only ones and you can do this too.

Episode 5: Story of a Maker (Clara-Nicole) 

Clara-Nicole’s story is so inspiring. I don’t want to share it here because I can’t do it justice – go listen to it.

Episode 6: Intro to Facebook Ads (Gretchen Wheeler) 

We interviewed our ads manager, Gretchen, about Facebook ads, when and how to use them, and how they help to grow your business.

Episode 7: How to Sell More on Etsy (Lauren Kilgore) 

Lauren is a coach in our coaching community who is successful with selling on Etsy. Check it out!

Episode 8: Who is my Perfect Person? (WIMPPs)

WIMPPs stands for Who Is My Perfect Person, and it’s one of the pillars of Damon’s business coaching lessons. Check out how knowing who your perfect person is will help you address those pain points and become even more successful.

Episode 9: Let Making Bring You Joy (Andrea Brown) 

Here we interviewed Andrea who many would view as a direct competitor, but we wholly believe in building community over competition, and Andrea’s story is one you won’t want to miss.

Episode 10: Building a Community on Instagram (Warren Carlyle) 

Warren knows communities since he has the largest octopus fan club (yes, you read that right) on Instagram. He knows Instagram, and he knows how to engage and get your community to engage.

Episode 11: Story of a Maker (Rhonda Nickerson) 

Damon interviewed Rhonda who was one of the first people that Damon actually connected with on his journey as a wreath maker and his journey as a community leader.

This simple podcast review can’t cover the entire great discussion they had.

Episode 12: Scaling Your Business with Assistants 

Parker talked about how we’ve scaled our business by using virtual assistants and how we decide when and who to hire. I think we have around 30 people now that are virtual, working on different facets of our business 

Episode 13: Story of a Maker (Christine Jerry) 

We talked with Christine about her journey as a blogger and business owner. She has an agency where she runs blogs and she actually runs our blog.

Episode 14: Intro to SEO (Christine Jerry) 

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which is basically how people find you through Google and other search engines. 

Christine is a blog expert. She knows how to get you found on Google. She knows how to get your blogs out there organically.

Episode 15: Story of a Maker (Mellie Mel)

Mellie Mel is a great friend of ours and she’s really just got a really powerful story that she shared in her interview on episode 15. This podcast review doesn’t do it justice- Go listen to it.

Episode 16: Creating Quality Video Content 

We worked hard this year to develop and refine a process for recycling content. And it all starts with having one really good piece of content.

Check out episode 16 to learn more.

Episode 17: Community over Competition (Tamara Bennett)

Tamara is an implementer who really gets things done. A podcast review of her episode would ruin it so learn more by listening to her interview.

Episode 18: Quick Win Weekend

Tammy, Jackie, and Mel teamed up to get some information out into the community about not only creating but also running a business in the form of quick wins, which are more like bite-size things you can do that you see results instantly and it doesn’t seem as daunting.

Episode 19: Story of a Maker (Amy Smith) 

Amy is a trailblazer. She does a lot of things differently than we do, and it’s so fun to see her not following the trend and making it work.

She’s a good example of if you bang your head against the wall long enough, you’ll break through and succeed and win.

Episode 20: SIO (Simplify, Implement, Optimize)

SIO stands for simplify, implement, and optimize. So that is the method that Parker uses when a whole bunch of stuff needs to happen.

It’s basically Parker’s process of taking whatever needs to get done and simplifying it. Then, implementing it. And, finally, optimizing it to eliminate overwhelm. Listen to the episode to learn more.

Episode 21: Story of a Maker (Zach Hufnagel) 

It’s really awesome to see a younger person being creative, and especially a guy like Zach, being successful in a role that’s traditionally been done by women. This is an inspiring episode.

Episode 22: 3 Keys to Selling Online

Traffic, photos, and SEO are the three things are the most important to be successful in e-commerce. 

Episode 23: Parker’s Tips for Youtube Success 

Our YouTube channel is a perfect example of how consistency pays off. This episode covers tips and tricks to be successful on YouTube.

Episode 24: A Community of Customers

Damon talked all about monetizing, and growing your community. I can’t share them all in this quick podcast review so listen to his six main tips to monetize and grow your community.

Episode 25: Create with Your Customers (Jillian Leslie)

Jillian is a blogger who created an app for other bloggers called Milo Tree. She has a very different take than most of the crafters that we’ve interviewed so far on the podcast, so definitely check out. 

Episode 26: Making Content for the Platform (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, Pinterest, Blogging) 

I’m talking about taking that one really good video and editing it so it goes out on YouTube as well as Pinterest, Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Time Lapse, and more.

If you’re out there creating content and you’re not putting it all over the place, you’re missing out on free exposure to your content. 

Episode 27: Using Live Video & Embracing Imperfection (Brooke Riley)

Brooke blew up her Facebook page, and a lot of what she talks about is her Facebook page and tips for growing her community or growing a community online. 

Episode 28: Makers and Trademarks (Emily D. Baker) 

This is probably one of the most important podcasts we’ve done and the one that the community needed the most. And it’s all about trademarks and copyright!

Emily Baker is one of our lawyers who talks all about copyright and trademark and what you need to know as a maker to prevent doing something illegal. 

Episode 29: All Things MLM (Marissa Sayers)

Marissa talks about diversifying her business with MLM and uses her MLM as another leg of her business that makes her money every month. 

Episode 30: Maximize the Power of Relationships (Roberto Candelaria)

Roberto talked about relationships and partnerships, and really just networking in general. I can’t tell you guys how important networking is when you’re running a business or trying to get anything done. 

Episode 31: Selling Digital Products (Joy)

Joy talks about selling low-cost digital products. She sells like $3 products and she makes multi six figures online selling digital products, y’all. It’s insane. I love hearing her story. It’s so inspirational!

MMB Podcast Ep. 32 - Makers Mean Business Podcast Review A Recap

MMB Podcast Review of Episodes 1-31 Final Thoughts

The start of this podcast journey, as you can see, has been rich and rewarding. Not only have we learned some amazing things from our guests, but I’m sure you guys have too. If you missed any of these episodes, go listen and catch up. 

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